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Visitors are welcome and an appointment to visit the dojo and observe classes is not necessary.  Simply drop by the dojo during the posted class times, introduce yourself and ask questions about what we teach and how we run classes.

Our classes Are Held At:

          The Aikibudokan 
          Crown Door Business Park
          5701 Bingle Road (at 290), Suite B - 101
          Houston, Texas 77092-2155

The business park is on the north/west side of Bingle between Highway 290 and Tidwell and is located between the Mustang Caterpillar used equipment dealership and the Public Storage facility.  The main building that faces the street is two stories tall and is Crown Door Business Park and on the facade facing the street is a blue sign that says "Sterling Banquet Hall".  Drive around to the back of the main building on the right side and there we are.

Visitors are welcome to speak with the students before or after class in order to get their impression of the classes and of martial arts in general.  If you feel the need to speak to someone before deciding to visit the dojo then please feel free to call the Sensei and discuss the classes on the phone. His contact number is:

L.F. Wilkinson Sensei

713-826-5877 (business phone)

Or, you can send an email with your questions to:

As another source of information about us and the martial arts and about how you would benefit from a study of Aikido be sure to use the hyperlink button on the menu bar on the left side of this screen and click on "Q & A's".  We have accumulated a set of questions that past visitors have asked and have tried to provide answers that will help you in your search for a quality dojo that will fit your needs.

We have also placed links to Adobe-PDF files further down on this web page. Each is brief commentary that provides some information on what we teach.  We suggest that you print them off as a reminder and bring them with you when you visit the dojo.

You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have it installed on your PC or laptop then you can go here for the free Adobe Reader* download.

Download Adobe Reader

In order to download and print yourself a copy of the PDF file, click on the circle (the Enso), a Zen symbol representing knowledge and understanding.

PDF file for Aikido-The Way of Harmony  Aikido-The Way of Harmony                PDF for Jodo-The Way
of the Stick  Jodo-The Way of the Stick

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