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Black Belts at the Aikibudokan prepare to begin training.

Find the Dojo And Enroll In Classes

Beginner and Intermediate Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday evenings -7:30 to 9:00 pm
  • Thursday evenings - 7:30 to 9:00 pm
  • Saturday mornings - 10:00 am to 11:30 am


Advanced classes are available to black belt students.

Our classes Are Held At:

          The Aikibudokan 
          Crown Door Business Park
          5701 Bingle Road (at 290), Suite B - 101
          Houston, Texas 77092-2155

The business park is on the north/west side of Bingle between Highway 290 and Tidwell and is located between the Mustang Caterpillar used equipment dealership and the Public Storage facility.  The main building that faces the street is two stories tall and is Crown Door Business Park.  On the facade facing the street is a blue sign that says "Sterling Banquet Hall".  At night it is lit-up and easy to see from the street.  Drive around to the right side of the front building and to the building directly behind it.  There we are.  Look for the sign over the door.


For a map and driving directions go to YAHOO MAPS and enter the dojo address for directions.

We're actually pretty easy to access from just about anywhere in the Houston Metroplex with drive times of 30 - 45 minutes or less from Katy, Downtown, Uptown, The Heights, Spring and Jersey Village, Bear Creek/529 and Sugar Land, First Colony and New Territory.


  • First, visit the dojo and watch a class on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 7:30  PM or Saturday morning at 10 AM.  Either the Sensei or a senior instructor will sit with you, answer questions and explain the program.
  • If you like what you see and you and the Sensei think that there's a good fit we'll invite you back for two weeks of free lessons in order to try it out.  You don't have to buy anything.  Just show up in sweat pants and a t-shirt for a free class try-out for two weeks (6 classes).
  • Then, after the two free weeks, if you enjoy it and decide that you want to sign up and join the group, we'll complete the registration forms, get you into a gi (training uniform) and get you started.


  • We do not use contracts and there is no initiation fee or start-up fee and there is no annual membership or organization fee.
  • We bill class fees by emailing a monthly invoice which you can pay electronically, mail via USPS, or bring to the dojo.
  • First month of classes (after the two free weeks) is free after paying a registration fee of $75.  The registration fee provides you with a free training uniform, patch, and beginners manual.
  • Regular class fees (after the first free month) are $100 per month.


  • Prior experience in the martial arts is not needed.  We will start you from scratch and will teach you what you need to know to become a high level Aikido player.
  • When you first start training we will pair you with a senior student or black belt who will start you slowly, covering the basics as you come up to speed with the material.
  • Because we are not a competition school and instead focus on learning the martial forms and self-defense, you do not have to be in tip-top shape to begin.  We start beginners slowly and the physical conditioning appropriate for Aikido is developed gradually over time at a rate that is appropriate for you.


  • We do not offer childrens classes and only accept adults as students.
  • We will take students from ages 14 and up with full parental consent and support.  One or both parents must accompany the teen to the dojo for the first visit and the parent must complete and sign the registration form and liability waiver and fully support the teenagers training.
  • The  teenage student must be interested in the material, focused on learning and must be able to work with adults in a mature manner.


  • Beginners may start at any time since we have continual, on-going classes and do not teach on a semester basis.
  • Beginner & Intermediate classes are every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 10 AM (3 beginner & intermediate classes per week).
  • We have advanced kata study for 4th Degree Black Belt and above every Saturday.
  • We have Yudansha (Black Belt only) classes for all levels of black belt where advanced self-defense material and free-style is taught.
  • We have 3 formal weapons classes per week in Jodo & Koryu weapons and Iaido.


  • For Mudansha (non-black belts & beginners) - 3 possible classes per week.
  • For Yudansha (black belts) - 3 regular classes per week, 1 advanced kata class and 1 advanced self-defense/free-style class (5 possible classes)
  • Adding the Samurai weapons (Jodo) classes adds another two possible training sessions per week.


Aikido has its own forms of weapons training including defending against a knife attack and using (and defending against) a stick or wooden sword so Aikido students will learn to use these three primary weapons (knife, stick and sword).  However, the use of these weapons is from the Aikido viewpoint and are not necessarily a "full" view of their usage and do not fully explore the use of swords, long staff or  short stick so we are one of only two dojo in Texas that offer classes in an old form of weapons known as Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo (which means "Way of the Stick").  It is well-documented 400 year old school of classical martial arts known as "Sogo Bujutsu" or "complete martial science".  Jodo teaches the use of several weapons that the Samurai commonly used including:

  • Jodo - the use of a long stick to defend against a sword attack,
  • Tanjo - the use of a short walking cane to defend against a sword attack,
  • Kenjutsu - sword vs. sword fencing,
  • Kusarigama - a scycle and chain,
  • Jutte - an iron truncheon,
  • Hojo Jutsu - cord tying,
  • Tessen - a war fan

This very old, very classical weapons art form is available for any of our Aikido players who wish to add an additional study of weapons to their Aikido training.

In addition to the two regular sword/classical weapons classes per week we hold special intensive training sessions that last all day Saturday.  During these intensive training sessions we teach jodo (stick vs. sword) and kenjutsu (sword fencing).  These special training sessions are held the first Saturday of every other month and are at no cost to our Jodo students.



Seminars are held in Houston on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year with the material filmed for distribution on DVD's.  Material taught at the seminars covers a broad range of topics including advanced kata (forms), police & military tactics, newaza (grappling), weapons defense and information necessary for promotion to advanced black belt ranks.  The seminars are held during these months and the specific dates are announced several weeks in advance so that students can schedule attendance:

  • Shunbun no hi Geiko (Vernal Equinox Training - February/March)
  • Geshi Geiko (Summer Solstice Training - May/June)
  • Shubun no hi Geiko (Atumnal Equinox Training - August/September)
  • O-Bon Geiko ("To Hang Upside Down" Training aka "Halloween" - September/October)
  • Toji Geiko (Winter Solstice Training - mid-December)



We have relationships with other dojo and martial arts organizations so training at seminars held by at other dojo (and sponsored by other organizations) is available periodically during the year.  Seminars may cover traditional weapons including Jodo, Aikido and Judo or such other topics as Daito Ryu Aikijutsu or what is known as "Internal Power" or "Aiki".  Sometimes we attend special training events as a group in Dallas, Denton and Oklahoma City, or other local Houston dojo.  Our Jodo (Samurai weapons) group attends training seminars in Denton on a fairly regular basis since Denton is the location of the Texas Jodokai; our sponsor and connection to high level teachers in Japan.  Our Jodo group has also attended week-long training sessions (known as "Gasshuku") in Washington, DC, Racine, WS and Philadelphia, PA.



For more information and to arrange to visit the dojo please contact:

L.F. Wilkinson Sensei

713-826-5877 (business phone)

Or, you can send an email with your questions to:


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