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"OK, can anybody read this map and figure out how to get to the Aikibudokan?"

"OK.  Can anyone read this map and

figure out how to get to the Aikibudokan?"



"Why did you begin training in the martial arts and why do you continue to study at The Aikibudokan?


"I was a young mother with two children and not only wanted an activity for them but also wanted an effective self-defense study to defend them and me both.  Kajukenpo was an interesting first choice but after finding a good Aikido dojo to train at I knew that I had found a home." .......... Lynn C.


"I was looking for somewhere to train after my last dojo closed and found this one almost by accident.  A real gem of a martial arts school located on a side street off the freeway and not all that easy to find since it's not in a strip center.  Traditional classes.  Friendly staff and senior students.  BIG training floor.  Broad curriculum including police tactics.  A good choice for me and for anyone looking for a long-term study in sophisticated but practical training." .......Tommy D.


Women find that Aikido serves as a physical fitness activity and teaches self-defense, in addition to building self-confidence.


"I grew up in a ranching & oilfield town that also had a large navy base located there so growing up was sometimes a little challenging.  I was smaller than a lot of other kids and one day I just had enough and started  training in Tae Kwon Do.  That was fun but I always had a picture in my mind of photos of guys doing Aikido and Judo that I had seen in a book so one day when I picked up the local newspaper and saw that the community ed center had just started classes in Judo and Aikido I immediately ran down and signed up.  I'm not the same person today that I was then and firmly believe that martial arts has made a tremendous positive impact on my life and on my relationships with others.  When Sensei said that it really isn't about being the toughest kid on the block but on becoming a better person, he was right.  Martial arts is bigger than that." .......... L. F. W.


Aikido is a classical martial art form and not a competitive sport so students of all ages can train.


"I wanted to learn martial arts for physical ability and self defense." .......... Chris D.


"I have been fascinated with martial arts because it allows the ordinary to become extraordinary.  I train to view the world differently, see more, to conquer fear and conflict. Being part of something bigger than me or I." .......... Dino H.


All students work with everyone in the class so that that ability to defend against any attacker is learned and developed.


"I was bullied by a kid named "Boonie Collins" when I was a proto-teenager so I guess it was a matter of survival.  Later I found the grappling and Aikido arts more applicable to law enforcement and self-defense than striking arts which are rather binary and not appropriate to the required degree of force response." .......... David H.


Classes include not only practice but also lessons and discussions of concepts, ideas, history and applications of the techniques.


"I started training in Aikido to stop being a couch potato and it looked fascinating." .......... Christopher H.


"Something I had wanted to do growing up but couldn’t (too small of a hometown unless one wanted “karate” or TKD which I wasn’t interested in).  I wanted something which didn’t require me to be stronger or faster than the other person).  Started in college, took a break for some years, and then re-started." .......... Dave B.


"I was a skinny, shy kid from the south living in New Jersey.  I was picked on and beaten up a lot.  My dad wanted me to learn to defend myself so he  enrolled me in Karate.  Everything was going well when the sensei left town and we moved back to Louisiana a few months later.  In 2002 I decided to get back into martial arts because I missed it and I felt like something was missing in my life." .......... Ben G.


"A friend of mine who used to train at our dojo talked about Aikido one night and I found curious and interesting the concept of using your attacker's strength and force to defend yourself.  After watching just one class I was completely hooked!" .......... Beatriz A.


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